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    Okay so i think i have a nice offer for lebron

    i give

    will this be enough, probably not so do i throw one of the following iverson, granger, j howard, roy, or felton.

    comments plzz

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    • Why on Earth would you do that. Yes we all now that Lebron is an incredible player but Durant, Roy and Granger are young fantasy studs having amazing years and Rose and Stuckey are really young and great up an coming point guards. If you have all these players you are in amazing shape and have a great spread of talent, dont shatter that for just one player, no matter if its Lebron.

    • You have great guards, looks like you might need an upgrade in the PF/C position. If I had your team, I would look for getting a D. Howard or an Amare.

    • listen:
      you are way to hooked on getting LeBron. Kevin Durant is one of the most promising young scorers in the league. Derrick Rose is usually solid but right there, that should be enough to get LeBron, unless LeBron's owner is insane... Stuckey is also good and to valuable to trade away with two other great players... Plus, the way it looks, you have a great team anyways.
      Get your mind off LeBron, and focus on getting him only if his owner will take two players most.
      Danny Granger is a superstar... 25 points a game I believe...
      What you would be doing is giving up a 23 ppg scorer, a Great young Derrick Rose, and a solid, also young, Rodney Stuckey. And if you throw in Granger, your team will suck... Even with LeBron
      One guy cant replace two superstars and two starting players.
      Think about the trade logically before you do it.

    • ai and stuckey or ai rose

    • your giving up too much imo


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