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  • Double D Double D Jan 5, 2009 1:13 AM Flag

    Drop DJ Augustin?

    I thought he'd do better/get more opportunity since J-Rich got traded, but he's got less minutes and he's played worse. But, the team will want to develop the youth and give him time down the stretch. He's supposed to be a good 2nd half player, but he's been trying my patience. Maybe he's too good to drop, since someone would most likely swoop him off free agency?

    Should I drop him or hang onto him?

    Best FA's available are- Bargnani (tempted here, but too inconsistent?), Blatche, Warrick, Love

    10 team, Daily H2H league-

    PG- Iverson, SG- Joe Johnson, G- Tony Parker

    SF- LeBron, PF- Duncan, F- Durant

    C- Bogut

    Util- Stephen Jackson, Util- Salmons, Util- Nate Robinson

    Bench- Dunleavy, Kenyon Martin, JR Smith, Jarrett Jack, Augustin

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