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  • Derrick Derrick Mar 22, 2008 10:47 AM Flag

    Jermaine O'neal?

    Is Jermaine Oneal going 2 b any use? because i can really use someone right now. i had wilcox haslem & I hung on 2 kaman just in case hes coming back. what u guys think?

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    • It's possible he may be back as early as Wednesday, but he'll be coming off the bench and PT might not be huge at first. I have grabbed him everywhere that I have a bye week and a few others where I'm just plain weak at C.

    • It all depends on if there is anyone else to add. I'm not expecting O'neal to come back this season, and if he does I'm not expecting him to contriibute much. If there is someone else pick them up.

    • It depends on when you're playoffs start. If it starts next week, then I would keep O'Neal and drop Kaman. Unlike Kaman, O'Neal has had the luxury of being out for a couple of months. As for Wilcox, he may not come back either due to the finger injury so you are better off finding replacements for Kaman and Wilcox (if you can).

    • If you don't add him, someone else will.
      Is he worth adding? Only time will tell.

      If you got the roster space, go for it.

    • Mar 22 O'Neal (knee) practiced Thursday without any significant problems other than conditioning, the Indianapolis Star reports.

      Recommendation: O'Neal is hoping he can return to the lineup next week. "Every day we're going to try to step it up a couple notches and see the reaction to the knee," O'Neal said. "The knee didn't swell any (Wednesday) or (Thursday). The key is for the next day I come to practice to see if the knee is reacting well. So far it's been great." O'Neal's conditioning is still off, so don't expect much right away. If an owner grew impatient while waiting for O'Neal and dumped him, he could be available as a free agent.

      im going to pick him up, just deciding who to drop is my problem

    • He's NOT coming back no need to keep him/ pick him up and waste another roster spot. All he's done so far is shoot around in practice...he has yet to participate in a full practice.