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    That guy flat out stinks since his trade to the heat....he should have learned to keep his mouth shut. All of his numbers across the board have dropped and his TO are through the roof. He should have been smart about the situation and looked at how well Joe Johnson and Q.Richarson have faired in loosing systems. It may be a bit early to say but I'll take a stab in the dark and say he was a product of the system he was in and Nash elevated his game to another level.

    What are your thoughts??? Trade him???

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    • actually, he's doing better in 4 categories and worst in 5. not sure why you are saying they are down across the board.

    • wow stop freaking out.. when has a player ever been traded to a team and fit in right away?? You're an idiot. you deserve to trade him and get ripped off... I hear tyrus thomas has been doing well lately!

    • To all the Morons posting crap like you should kill yourself and I'm the world's dumbest person for saying what I said are about to look real stupid!!!!

      Marion's numbers since joining the heat:

      FG% went from 52.6 to 43.4%, 3pt% went from 34.7 to 31.3%,
      3pt Made went from 1.2 to 1.0, FT% went from 71.3% to 60%, TO went from 1.0 to 3.0, Blks went from 1.5 to 1.2,

      He increased in:

      Points 15.8 to 16.6, Stls, 2.0 to 2.8, Rebs 9.9 to 11, assists 2.1 to 3

      So next time you type stupid shit, you might want to look at the numbers....O and his ranking went from 2 to 4. Also, when you play in real leagues with 12 or more categories this type of decline hurts

      Granted that’s only in 5 games but he’s now the #2 option; so he should be around 20 points and 12 rebounds a game

    • What in the hell are you morons talking about. He had one bad game, and that's on a relative scale. In case you didn't notice he had 5 steals as well on this "crappy" night. Give me a break. They guy's stats were up considerably from when he was playing in Phoenix before this game. Get your head out of your ass.

    • WTF you talking bout?He's playing great! He's injured and Even though he had a down game in points due to that injury he still gave you good stas in everything and 5 steals! Look at the game log, he's playing great with the heat.

    • yeah, before today's game he was only averaging over 20 points, and 12 rebounds with the heat, this guy really sucks now...NOT. You're a fucking moron, I don't know if you've even seen a game with him on the heat if you're gonna say that every area of his game has gone down. You're an idiot, you should probably kill yourself, it's gotten that bad. You are possibly the biggest dumbass on this planet after saying that; probably not, but still you know why I said it, and that was for emphasis.

    • im not sure what yall are so pissed about, yeah it was a bad offensive game for him, but he also had what 6 steals? the guy is called the matrix for a reason.. He gets stats everywhere. What was it a couple games ago he had something like 18 points 15 reb a couple assists steals blocks and 3s. Of course his fg perc is going to drop, most of his shots for phoenix were alleyoops from nash or wide open 3s. Honestly im glad he got moved, yeah to's will go up but he has more opportunities on the offensive side now. He's the #2 guy or #1 guy depending on who's on the floor for the Heat. In phoenix he was usually #3 or lower.

    • There's almost no difference in his game. What are u all talking about??? After the trade his pecentages and to's are worse but his pts, reb's, assists, and stl are all up and 3's and blk's have been the exact same. It evens out to me. He'll be ranked number 1 in fantasy next year with the Heat, just like he was with the Suns for so long.

    • i'm trying to trade him. i'm sure he'll recover to some extent, but i really don't feel like waiting for it, and like it has been mentioned, his field goal % is going down and his turnovers are going up regardless...i can't afford that.

    • yeah I have him in one of my leagues and I have been trying to trade him since I first heard of the trade rumors but no good offers yet

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