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  • gldntckt gldntckt Jan 24, 2008 2:59 PM Flag

    13-1 What am I doing wrong in here? I need your opinion PLEASE

    Okay this is the third straight that I am loosing badly. I am on a head 2 head 12 league game. I have changed my line up again for next week. Comments, Suggestion and all opinions will be much appreciated. I put Iguodala and Aldridge on my bench since they only have two games next week. thanks in advance!

    Mo Williams - PG
    Kareem Rush - SG
    Nate Robinson - G
    Jason Richardson - SF
    Joakim Noah - PF
    Yi Jianlian - F
    Al Jefferson - C
    Mark Blount - C
    Wally Szcerbiak UTIL
    Thabo Sefolosha UTIL
    Andre Igoudala BN
    Lamarcus Aldridge BN
    Juan Carlos Navarro BN

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    • Well you have good role players and players that are playing well now, But who did you drop to get some of these players? I say you have your best p[layers on your bench. Is this your first year, or did you just draft really bad. If this is not your first year i say you drafted, "Agent 0"= Gilbert Arenes, and T.J Ford, and Shaq. And you droped them, if something like this happened just keep doing what your doing. It was just a really unlucky year, if not. Draft better.

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      • MIchael
        Yes this is my frist year doing this fantasy... and actually you were right. I did not even got a chance to do the drafting part. Last thing i know i got entered on this addicting fantasy basketball at work :-D

        I was late 5 weeks then I start trading all my good players. I have mention this earlier that I did made HUGE mistakes in trading like I had the Millers, I got a chance to have iverson, tim duncan, Yao on my roster but i let them go.

        The last trade I did was duncan and iverson for iguodala, jefferson, and aldridge I thought it was a damn good trade but i was just unlucky since aldridge is not doing any good. so right now I am the most active adding.dropping perosn in out league it think right now I made 56 Moves!!! Yikes!!!

        Now I decided that I will trade jefferson or richardon for good quality players.. one thing i just offered was nate robinson, jason richardson, Iguodala, and Lamarcus aldridge for Vince carter, Stephen jackson and Chris Cayman? But I am not sure if he is going to accept it or not! I am dropping thabo, Juan carlos and mayne wally aszcerbiak. There are not much good players in our waivers too... diaw, tim thomas, jr smith, matt caroll and joe smith..

        Thank youso much for responding.....

    • Hey man you are going to have to trade Jefferson and try to get a 2 for 1 deal, or else your team is going to continue to suck.

    • your lineup makes me want to vomit! your players suck but trade some quality players to get a superstar.. and why do you have noah on your team, look at your free agent pool to see if you can get guys like jeff foster or nick collison on your league

    • u've only got one good player which is jefferson but if i was u then i would try trading a few of ur better players for a good player and a few of their scrubs then drop them and get some good free agents

    • Nothing u can do, your lineup has mediocore players. Good luck

    • make sure to put in people playing on ure roster, ( starters or UTL) and rotate evry day so that u can get everyones stats for the whole week.
      ex. if iggys playing on 1 day, put hime on ure roster so u can get his stats, and when hes not playing, put him on ur bench to let the people who r playing get a spot on ur roster to count their stats

    • Dont take that trade, you need to keep Jefferson for your C position since Blount is a short term solution. beyond that, i had a similar problem when I lost Arenas (my first round draft pick) and traded away my 2nd and 3rd round draft picks for a couple of 4th and 6th rounders. It added depth and weighed out the loss of Arenas. Also, if you want to get back into it, take some chances its your only hope. I just traded for T-Mac and if he comes back strong, I may be a contender.

    • i am trading this guy with this.. what do you think about this trade will it help me yes or no and why?

      stephen jackson, vince carter, lendro barbosa for MY iguodala nate robison and al jefferson?

    • you actually had a pretty good team originally.

      rip them off next year XD

      u can try ripping ppl off and once people reject you. you know how to judge a trade.

    • try dropping wally and thabo, and navrarro those unstable players man= =

      they won't help in any way. maybe wally szcerbiak but not the other two.

      use yi jianliang to trade for someone who can do pure rebound.

      and get some FA that is more potential-like to play in the future.

      and my suggestion is trade nate robinson rite now cuz he will do bad later. trade nate robinson for someone same level but will last longer.

      just try anything to rebuild and learn from it even if u can't make it bad.
      at least u gain some experience . who knows XD

      good luck~~

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