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  • willjazzugood willjazzugood Dec 29, 2007 11:54 AM Flag

    is this a good team?

    1.Tony Parker
    2.Richard Hamilton
    3.LeBron James
    4.Udonis Haslem (had Elton Brand, but that retard got injured)
    5.Dwight howard
    6.Beno Udrih
    7.Marvin Williams
    8.Francisco Garcia
    9.Tayshaun Prince
    10.Mike Dunleavy
    11.Jameer Nelson
    12.Daniel Gibson
    13.Shaquille O'neal (probably about 2 get E. Curry back cuz Shaq iz injured, IF he is still available, the C spot is locked up in my league. And if your wondering why did I drop Curry 4 Shaq is because, Curry is 6' 11, 285 lbs., and he only averages about 4 or 5 rebs. Shaq avgs. 7.7, if u really pay attention to my team, I need rebounding. Emeka Okafor was open in my league, but sumbody must have got him seconds be-4 me cuz he was on my pending list and everything. I have also proposed some trades. Marvin Williams 4 Al Horford, cuz I really don't need the scoring, and Tayshaun Prince and Francisco Garcia 4 Andrew Bynum cuz not either one of them iz shooting good from the field or producing. I should drop or trade Jameer Nelson cuz he ain't doing nothing either, he just a turnover machine now. If Raymond Felton hadn't of got picked right be-4 me. I wouldn't have ever got Jameer Nelson.)

    Alright, I always type alot when I need 2 explain, and I explain everything. So tell me what the weakness of my team is, what the strength of my team is, what I need to improve on, and judge the comments and trade proposals that I put in the message. Rate Wisely!

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