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    I know everyting...

    about fantasy basketball. Go ahead and ask any question. practical advice or just flat out try to stump me and ill give you the answer.

    Some of these questions are ridiculuous....should i drop marvin williams or yi? i mean cmon?!?!?

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    • here's my current lineup of my #1 ranked team:

      josh smith
      jamario moon
      j. o'neal
      mike miller
      devin harris
      nazr mohammad
      chris paul

      here are the top available free agents (ranked 125 or better)

      fransisco garcia
      damien wilkins
      brent barry (want him but don't know if i should)
      chuck hayes
      eddie house

      2 big questions:

      who would you take from the free agents list and who would you drop?

      who would you attempt to trade for?

      up until two weeks ago i was 6-0 in steals assists and blocks, and 5-1 in rebounds. now i am 7-1 in rebounds and steals and 8-0 in assists and blocks. elsewhere i am as follows:

      fg% - 5-4; ft% - 2-6

      for the record i try to get strong everywhere else and don't pay too much attention to these categories unless i have to.

      3ptm - 2-5-1; pts - 3-5;

      i lost my first two weeks with the team i drafted and have been undefeated every since. currently on a six week winning streak. would you leave the team as is? if not what would you do with the free agents, if anything, and who would you try to get in a trade?

    • can i drop larry hughes to get james jones, who will help my team in the 3pt shooting area?

    • i'm in 12 team h2h 9 categories..i'm trading my dirk for pierce +childress and i will drop willie green to open a slot...what do you think?by the way one reason i want to trade dirk because i have two pairs of players in one team tnx

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