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  • Archie Archie Dec 13, 2007 12:34 AM Flag

    Looking To Upgrade...Any Suggestions??

    I am currently 3rd in a 12 team league...any suggestions on how to improve?? Drop?? Try to trade up...and for who?? Rate my team as well please...

    Current Roster:
    Leandro Barbosa
    Grant Hill
    John Salmons
    Caron Butler
    Antoine Walker
    Tim Thomas
    Al Jefferson
    Brad Miller
    Vladimir Radmanovic
    Drew Gooden
    Jason Kidd
    Rudy Gay
    Lamar Odom

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    • look to trade hill. hes playing really well right now, but its only a phase. u might be able to demand something really good for him, seeing how well he has been playing.

    • walker? and rad? really? i dont know.. i would rather get some help i the boards.. get evans

    • My question for your team is... how are your players holding up? At first glance, it seems like a lot of your players are injury prone. I've gotten a couple of steals off the waiver list including Sam Cassell and Brendan Haywood.

    • Look these message boards kinda of suck since its difficult to find your league and take a look at the waiver wire and who is in your league and what they have, but waiver gems right now are bynum in a shallow league... A Daniels, udrih, Gracia, Murphy... Personally... unless your league is on top of the waiver wire in a 12 team league you should have options out there exspecially with teams below you.. barbosa and hill... doesnt match well... its tough having two players from the same team as usually one is hot and one is not unless its lets say yao, mcgrady, or garnett and allen and pierce... Trade barbosa straight up for some needed depth maybe include Rad to a laker fan in our league., now with arenas out . A daniels is a great pickup and on fire.... so forget A Walker and look for something else... I would say go after rebounds.. Exspecially if your league is OFF and DEF rebounds... Butler and Gay could be included in a package to maybe get Nash or A.I. Right now and give you the assists weekly to win that category... With AL Jeff you are golden but now you need another rebounder to win that category every week. Maybe try and package a deal with Brad (I havnt stayed healthy for one full season ) Miller to get another player who is close to double double's in rebounds and points everyweek... Like a bynum....chandler....... Also take a look at how long K. Perkins will be out and Memet Okur cause there is great back ups available.. Take G. Davis... and Milsap for example

    • Kidd might be your best player and i personnally think hes a bum.I know about the triple doubles but he shoots a terrible percentage.So trade kidd and go get 2 decent players or trade 2-1 for kobe or nash.

    • Your weakest players are Walker, Radmanovic and Thomas (in that order) - hence you are inconsistent in 3pts. Not knowing whose available in your league - I would second the previous posting that your lineup looks good. Radmanovic and Thomas are getting minutes plus gives you rebound - Walker is both asset and liability in terms of FG%, TO and not alot of minutes play....

    • Salmons has been playing good since Martin was injured, so don't take that comment seriously.

    • Get rid of salmons he has been playing horrible since artest came back

    • G, g-mo, g-money, gaby, G, g-mo, g-money, gaby, Dec 13, 2007 12:47 AM Flag

      i obviously don't know who you can pick up from the player pool, but you shouldnt be playing VLad R and walker too much. I just picked up Travis Outlaw and Marko Jaric and I have been pleased. Your team is solid now as long as everyone stays healthy.


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