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  • Max Max Dec 8, 2007 1:53 AM Flag

    did i give up a lot?

    1st i traded kaman RJ and navarro and i got nowitzki and dalembert

    2nd i traded camby tmac marbuy and i got marion terry

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    • yeah men you gave it a lot, it is like you want to lose your game, yah know what im sayin'?

    • you just suck, idk why you would do a trade like the rj one, hes cunting on people this year and is 3rd in the league in scoring, wow what a cunter

    • yeah i think you gave up alot kaman good rj good navarro not so much to get nowitzki who is struggling and dalembert who is a pretty iffy center but he can usually get 10 rebounds...

      then camby tmac and marbury for marion and terry.. that one wasnt as bad you lost a lot of rebounds and some blocks but besides that i think you got the better end there

    • u gave up kaman n rj ???? are u kiddin me..wowww i dun care how good dirk is..u cud ripped off bigg timee.. n as for dal...he aint all that either

      n also da second trade u got ripped off too..camby is 2nd best rebounder in my opinion..after d12 that is :)

    • u must hav been sleep when u made those trades, boy i tell u those dreams r a B&t%h

    • u must have been sleep when u made that trade boy i tell u those dreams r a B*t^ch

    • you got ripped off on the 2nd trade

    • 1. dalembert = garbage
      dirk = top 10

      kaman = this year he is dominant
      RJ = 2nd tiere best year yet - doubt it will keep up
      navarro = ???? still pending

      This trade isnt bad for the long term. Short term Kayman is playing well and so is RJ.

      2. good trade. Marbury sucks, Camby injury prone, tmac top 10 but injury prone. Terry and Marion are stat beasts.

    • Out:

      Kaman, Camby, RJ, TMac, Navarro, Marbury


      Nowitzki, Dalembert, Marion, Terry

      I actually like this deal for you. Especially if you're able to pick up two solid guys off of the waiver wire. You traded some injury prone players and got at least two top 10 guys out of it in Marion and Dirk. Even though RJ is playing well, I just don't see that lasting all year. My concern is rebounding. Even though Marion is at 11 boards per, you gave up two of the top 5 guys at that stat. Dalembert is underachieving is this category and Nowitzki's REB #s are low for a PF. This might be a spot you look for on the waiver, unless you've got some other guys on the squad to offset this.

      I'd hang onto Terry, he's always underrated, his %s are strong and he's PG/SG which is huge. Think of him more as a SG and you won't be disappointed with the AST.

      Your bulk scores are better shooters now, so you should see a lift in your %s.

      I think you got the better of trade 1 and probably could have gotten more out of trade 2, but I see where you're going with it and I like it.

    • lol these guys have no clue what they talkin about
      first trade = big time win for you hands down. 3 for 2 trade is always good navarro is 80% a 2 week fluke.
      dirk is a first rounder for a reason and kaman has been a beast but thats as best as he goes. when late season comes and brand comes back kaman value goes down best time to trade him now. gj.
      RJ is good interms of points and FT% but u get dirk so its not like ur FT goes down. sammy is one of my fav always has a chance to explode and even not he is still giving u 2+ blks per. and remember, now u can pick up someone from the FA.

      2nd trade is another great win for u.for one god damn thing everyone you traded is injury prone and u get 2 stars that have always been overlooked with their consistency. jason terry was imo 1 of the most underrated fantasy player wtih his sky high fg% and almost 82 games every year (very important in roto). u know camby and mac will go down to some sprained toe or something eventutally. but more impressive is you get shawn marion?? long been known to be top 3 fantasy player. any time u trade a 2nd and 3rd/4th rounder for a 1st rounder is a wash/win. and u get terry who is 4th/5th in return.

      these guys who are saying u lost are the ones who are giving u these nice trades. play in a competitive league.

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