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  • Phantom Phantom Oct 29, 2007 10:11 PM Flag

    1st Year in fantasy basketball

    How many do I play each week. Do I play two centers, one forward or what? Or do I play one of each position. And also what does Util stand for? How often can you pick up players.

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    • depends on how the commish setup your league - but you will be able to tell by looking at the "My Team" page - the table on that page has a list of positions that you need to fill everyday (if possible - sometimes you wont have a Center or whatever to play).
      on the left column will be a position name like pg, sg, g, f, sf... or it will say bn (bench)... you need to try to fill everyspot thats not a bench spot, for me I have to try to get a pg, sg, g, sf, f, pf, c,c,util,util spots filled - so three guards, three forwards and two centers. Util can be filled by any player and work well if you have say four guards playing that night and no centers... they give you flexibility in setting up your roster


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