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  • Kelly Kelly Aug 19, 2014 2:59 PM Flag

    Thinking of going to a salary cap system...

    I'm looking for some input from anyone who has had experience with adding a salary cap/ salaries into a keeper fantasy league. For several years we've run a 12 team, rotisserie style league with 9 keepers per GM. Some guys would like to add a salary cap... some are reluctant to make that change.

    What do you like/ not like about a salary cap system?
    Can we still use Yahoo or do we need to find another site?
    What are the biggest changes to expect?
    How do you do your draft? Auction or each GM selects players according to last years standing?
    What does it add or take away from a fantasy league?

    Any comments will be helpful.

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    • It's tough to switch a long-time keeper league into a cap-style because guys will definitely lose players they're married to. You would typically need to do a fresh draft and assign contract lengths to every player with different cap hits. So every player has the same length of contract and they stay at the cap value from the first year for the life of the contract...let's say it's 3 years...after the 3rd year, regardless of whether he has been traded, his new 3 year contract is at his current value...the manager who owns the player has first right to renew at the current value or drop....these decisions get tricky when a guy like Stamkos scores 50 goals in his 3rd year and his value goes through the roof to renew his deal, for example.


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