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  • Jeff Jeff Jul 10, 2014 10:38 PM Flag

    NEW Salary Cap Based Dynasty League H2H single win 12 Team League

    Starting a brand NEW salary cap based league. 12 Team League with minor players etc. It is loosely based on the nhl, with a few kinks thrown in. Original League salaries and contracts will be determined by our OFFLINE, message board based draft.

    1 9m/4yrs
    2 6.5m/5yrs
    3 6.2m/4yrs
    4 6m/3yrs
    5 5.3m/2yrs
    6 4.8m/1yr
    7 2.5m/2yrs
    8 3.9m/6yrs
    9 3.5m/1yr
    10 3m/5yrs
    11 4.3m/6yrs
    12 2m/5yrs
    13 1.5m/4yrs
    14 1.2m/3yrs
    15 1m/2yrs
    16 1m/1yr
    17 0.7m/2yrs
    18 0.7m/3yrs
    19 0.6m/1yrs

    message me at jbrylinsabresfan at yahoo dot calm if you are interested, or post your email below and i will email you the leagues home page with more information.


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