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  • anybody know when pro league payouts will happen?

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    • Yahoo Help article SLN6764:

      How and when winners are paid in Pro Leagues

      Payouts are made exclusively through PayPal.

      If you're one of the top three finishers and you've never been paid before, you'll receive an email notification of your payout at the primary email address in your Yahoo Profile.

      Check your information before payouts process! If your profile's email address doesn't match your PayPal account, update your profile with the correct address.

      Just click the link provided in the email to connect your primary email address to your existing (or new) PayPal account and claim your hard-earned prize.

      If you've been paid out before, we'll transfer your winnings to your existing PayPal payout account. Watch for the confirmation from PayPal to let you know the transfer is complete!

      Need to change your PayPal account? Learn how to update where your payout will be sent using our help article about updating your payout account.

      When you'll be paid

      We know you're in a hurry to collect your winnings, so payouts will be processed within 3-4 weeks of the completion of the sport's regular season (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL).

      Once the window for applying stat corrections has passed, you'll see a note at the bottom of your matchup page stating when stat corrections will be applied and your championship will be considered to be completed.


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