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  • Greg Greg Mar 27, 2014 9:11 PM Flag

    Changes made to lineup reset

    When I try to set my line up ahead of time the changes are randomly undone to the way they were before I set them. Today three of my players were on the bench when I got home and checked. I don't get it: if you don't want people changing their players more than three days in advance, then don't let them make the changes in the first place...READ only.

    I think I should get the points for those guys.

    I think if it happens to other people, they should get their points back too.

    Is this a bug, or intended application behaviour?

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    • Sounds like you guys don't have this problem. How far ahead do you set your line ups? It never lasts more than 3 days for me.

      But no i don't explicitly save. It shows a 'changes saved' message automatically. I'm not using classic view.

    • If anything, it would be a glitch, not an intentional thing.

      But no, you won't get the points. It would be too easy for people who forget to set their lineup to just say "Oh I set it, give me the points."

      I've had one or two people in my league say this happened to them too. If you're using the app, that may be the problem. But I think, in most cases, you just end up making a lineup change or something and don't realize that it affects future days and forget to check.

      The other thing that could be happening is that you're setting your lineup, and then it tells you to log-in. It doesn't save the changes prior to the log-in, you need to make them again.

    • did you do an add/drop after setting your lineups?
      if you did, then it will undo your changes.


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