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  • Turbo Turbo Mar 19, 2014 9:00 PM Flag

    lopsided trades

    Just before our league trade deadline, a couple of trades were made that stirred up some controversy. Our league is a keeper in which each manager keeps 10 from our 20-man rosters (half the team is kept.) Teams are required to keep 1 goalie among their 10 keepers, no more or less. It is a smallish league with ten managers, so only 200 players are owned not including those on IR. This means there is always some decent talent available in free agency and at draft time, and since managers can only keep 1 goalie there are often a couple of solid goalies that go into our draft pool each year. Before the trade deadline, it is not uncommon for managers to make trades to either help their teams going into the playoffs or to better their teams for future seasons. Draft pick trading is allowed, and therefore managers not making the playoffs often sell good players that can't or won't be kept for improved draft picks or additional keeper prospects.

    The two deals that were made just before our league deadline caused some controversy and therefore I would love some feedback or input from outside the league to see what others think about these deals. Both deals involved managers who will make the playoffs giving up skaters and/or picks while receiving goalies from managers who won't make the playoffs and have another goalie that will be kept next season.

    Trade 1- a manager making the playoffs trades Jonathon Drouin to a manager not making the playoffs who trades Carey Price in return.

    Trade 2- a manager making the playoffs trades Jason Garrison, round 2 pick, and round 6 pick to a manager not making the playoffs who trades Ryan Miller, round 4 pick, and round 7 pick in return.

    My questions are:
    Are either of these deals worthy of veto because of being potentially too lopsided even though collusion is not suspected in either case?

    and perhaps more importantly...

    Which of these deals is more lopsided? By a lot or by a little?

    Remember, it's a keeper league. Thanks!

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    • Clearly the Drouin for Price deal is the most lopsided if there was a draft pick thrown in for the team not making the playoffs I could understand but what really does the team getting Drouin get besides well Drouin and the team heading into the playoffs gains the top goalie in the league for a player who made no impact on his team. The second trade doesn't seem that bad although I don't think the non playoff team needed to give up that 4th round pick back, give the 7th but not the 4th

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