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  • Mikey Lund Mikey Lund Mar 14, 2014 5:27 PM Flag

    Yahoo Fantasy really needs to get on board... (player updates)

    Yahoo has a pretty decent, ok fantasy set up. I like the new implemented features this year such as the IR and DTD spots, as well as the, "auto-save." The one thing that is still lacking is the timely response to injuries or any other reason a player would be out. The most annoying thing is when you click on said player, their notes even tell you the up to the minute report. If you go over to ESPN's fantasy league, BAM, "O" or "DTD" on the players right away. Yahoo.... not even close. Nice notes on how "James Neal" is dealing with a concussion and is out indefinitely but yet have him active still so one cannot switch him out for a player this week. It's very frustrating as a Comish to keep getting yelled at over ridiculously easy fixes. I've read other posts and Yahoo has responded with, "We're updating as fast as we can" as well as, "At midnight the updates go through." Enter anymore that you've read, but this seems to be quite a important factor that for years now Yahoo still hasn't fixed. I won't even go into how many players have yelled at me for Goalies not getting assist but I think that may be in the set up rather than not available, I'm not sure. Yahoo, seriously, for as large of a company you are and for having such a huge promoted, marketed, "Fantasy Sports" feature... you still lack on some fundamental features. I'll be taking my 2 pay leagues to ESPN next year.

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    • Hey Mikey,

      Injury/day to day status is determined by our stats provider, and applied with our daily overnight updates. Note that our stats provider is not Rotowire and Rotowire's player notes are separate from the injury status assigned to a player.

      That said, we know the process isn't perfect, and we should have some improvements to it for next season. We're working on those now for the start of fantasy baseball, so next season fantasy hockey can benefit from more frequent updates. However, like I mentioned, IR/DTD status comes from the stats provider, and it's up to them to determine that change based on transactions/team news/etc.

      Finally, NHL teams don't always place players on IR when they're hurt. This is why we added the IR+ position to fantasy hockey early in the season, so DTD players could be IR eligible. You can consider using it next year when setting up your league.

      Mike / Yahoo Fantasy Sports


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