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  • Is there a limit as to how many goalies a team can have. If so, what is it, if not there should be - 4.

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    • I agree. Goalies carry way too much weight in this league, half the scoring is goalies. and some teams can hoard all the good goalies almost guarantees them to win the league or be at the top. The forwards don't get enough games and do not carry enough weight. Scoring points wins hockey games. The goalie is one person on the ice yet he carries 4 or 5 categories. Its stupid and unfair to allow somebody hoard 6 top goalies and have mediocre offense and defense and dominate the the league. and penalty minutes should not be a positive thing.

    • There is not. Its up to teams if they want to load up on them in regular leagues. You can still only play 2 per night (in most leagues).

      Granted, my league has a cap on them, at 3 per team, but yea... most leagues don't. And even ours isn't an actual setting, its just that everyone knows that you can't add a fourth goalie.


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