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  • Superwilly Superwilly Nov 9, 2013 10:41 PM Flag

    Error 152 - One of my managers can't access league

    Hi, I need help please! One of my league managers can log into Yahoo, yet when he clicks his bookmarked link for our league (# 23797), it gives him Error 152, says he has no team in that league. So, for 3 days he's been locked out of our league. I used his login credentials on my computer with the same results, so its not a computer, browser, or ISP thing... It's a Yahoo glitch, any ideas on how to resolve? At this point, he can't set his lineup for the next week!

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    • Number one, clear browser cache.

      Number two, instead of using the bookmarked link, has the manager tried logging in to Yahoo first, then accessing his team from the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey main page? I'd post a link, but Yahoo will just block it.


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