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  • Eric Eric Oct 7, 2013 7:50 AM Flag

    Retroactive Stats

    I run a points based league. I had set up retroactive stats to be applied on Oct. 7th. Does anyone know when those points will actually appear on the league standings board? When I look at the league it shows zero points for all teams. When I click on my team and select 2013/2014 season it shows the Fan Points but they are not in my team Total and all teams show zero points. When will retro points show up?

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    • I'm in the same position.
      It keeps resetting my retro date to no retro without adjusting the stats.
      No moves were made and nothing was touched by anybody in the league.
      It seems the retro stats are glitched.
      Also seems to be a lot of glitches this year as the auto pick in the draft picked ineligible players for three of my managers. Trying to correct all this has been a nightmare.

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      • Hey John...my league's stats updated today and are accurate. Hope yours are better now too.

      • Hi John...Glad to see I am not alone. I have been in contact with Yahoo Customer Support. I told them I have had the issue over and over...when I go to check the retro stats on the day it is supposed to be there, it never is and every time I check the Commish Tools it says No Retro Stats and the earliest date available is always two days ahead of the current date. They said they couldn't replicate my problem (whatever that means) and that they set it to the earliest date 10/11. I am not holding my breath that it will work and I have set up an alternate league with ESPN in case it doesn't accurately input the retro stats by tomorrow. Check out the ESPN site, their stats were 100% accurate once I input the teams. You can set up the teams and link them to the owners email and then send out invites, so it is pretty smooth. Hope this helps. If I get any more information from Yahoo I will pass it on here.


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