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  • Todd Todd Sep 26, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    Need help setting up a league.

    Hi there- I'm trying to set a league for a group of friends that aren't hardcore hockey poolies. Basically I'm trying to setup a league where you can draft any 20 players (regardless of position) and drop the worst 3 point getters (due to injury or underperforming).

    My question - I've set it up so there is 15 forwards and 5 utility players (where the util spot is good for D or F since we are just picking players with no concern over positions) - How do I go about using making the worst 3 players not count - can I make the Bench option do that? And if I use the Bench - do players that are on the bench get there all their counting stats for the entire year (which is what i want) if they are brought up. Or will I have to manually tabulate this.

    Thanks in advance!


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