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    Question: Setting Number of Keeper


    I have been asked to take over a keeper league the former commissioner moved and won't have time. My problem is I have never been a commish before and while most of the league is set up I need to set up how many keepers each team gets to keep. I know I am probably missing something but I can't find a setting to set the keeper limit. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    • I don't think you can, had a commish in a baseball league take over a keeper league and despite the fact he was the co-commish last year he still wasn't permitted to set keepers.... he had to do it all on his own (manually).... meaning every owner had to inform him of the keepers and the commish has to go into commish tools and assign the keepers to each team on his/her own.... next season it will be much easier for you as you will then have the option of simply setting the number of keepers and the owners of the teams pick their own (Yahoo takes care of the rest). I'm not positive this is what is happening to you but it sure sounds like it. Good luck.

    • You should have a new tab named Commish Tools. Click on that and you will find Keeper management tools and everything else that you need to know as a Commish.


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