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  • Michael Michael Sep 12, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Help Setting up a League

    So I am setting up a private league with my friends, we are all rookies to fantasy sports. We know we want Head to Head, but we aren't sure of the differences between Head to Head, Head to Head points, and Head to Head One win. Would anyone be able to explain the differences between them and which one of those three is the best/most fun.

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    • Did you get a reply to this? We are wondering as well.

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      • just do regular H2H, that is what most people prefer. I'm not a fan of points leagues at all, the commish usually doesn't know what he's doing when assigning values. The one win is where if the score of the matchup is 18-2 or 11-9, you just get 1 point in your win column, and zero for the loser. Where as in regular, they count the whole score, so the winning team would have 18 wins and 2 losses added to his season record. It's a lot harder for bottom teams to make up ground in the "one win" format, so I don't recommend it. I've been playing fantasy since 1999, take my advice and just do a regular H2H to get your feet wet. It's what most players prefer anyway.


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