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  • Blaine Blaine Sep 3, 2013 2:12 AM Flag

    keeper league management?

    I'm having an issue starting a keeper league, Yahoo claims there is a "keeper league management" section where you can enable a keeper league.

    "Enabling or disabling Keeper League Management

    From your league's front page, click the Commish Tools tab.
    Under "Keeper Management", click Edit Keeper Settings.
    Click the check box labeled Yes, enable Keeper League Management tools.
    To disable Keeper Management, simply uncheck this box." -yahoo help

    Problem is the "Keeper Management" section doesn't seem to appear under "Commish Tools". Any help would be appreciated.

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    • Hi Blaine

      This option is for 2nd year or older leagues so that your returning managers can keep their team core. Cliche these days but what the hay.

      All you need to is :

      1/ Enable keeper tools
      2/ Set keeper deadline

      This will allow returning give all returning managers a box at the top of their team page that with options, one being
      " choose your keeper players". This will open new page with their final roster for previous year. There you go

      As for you, you will have to do 2-3 things once league is full.

      1/ finalize teams
      2/ confirm keepers players
      3/ edit draft order and assign keeper players ( this is for screw ups)

      Important- there is an option for keepers to be selected at beginning of draft or at end. Be careful if there are draft picks that were traded last year

      There is it man, all you need for your keeper league

      I suggest you

      1/ Assign deadline and send a few email reminders
      2/ Allow your self a couple days keeper between deadline and draft
      3/ Use reverse order draft from last years final standing

    • bump, any advice guys? Are these setting available once the league has drafted or what?


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