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  • Dave Dave Aug 20, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    Looking to Start a New League + Playoff questions

    Hi folks,
    My 7 friends and I are looking to create our own 8 man fantasy hockey league. None of us have ever had a fantasy team before, but we're all pretty enthusiastic about it.
    I've read a few reviews about the various fantasy league websites and Yahoo seems to be the most beginner-friendly for 1-year league teams (being free, not as many point categories, etc...).
    Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for a new beginner league?

    Also, one review board mentioned the lack of a "playoff pool" in the Yahoo system. What exactly does that mean? What happens to our teams when the regular season ends?

    Any help/info would be appreciated.


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    • Dave,

      A lot of people here #$%$ about rules, yahoo management etc, myself included but for the type of league you are setting up yahoo or espn will suite your needs fine. Try not to tinker with the point categories too much first year until you get a feel for how it works. Also if you need an extra team to play head-to-head (my personal preference) then you might want to add a "dummy" team to even out the number of teams you need. There are several playoff options and I'm sure you'll find one that works decent enough.

      Additionally I would recomend that each of your friends puts in a nominal fee. Even 5 bucks each is good enough to offer some sort of prize and keep people competitive and invested. You don't have to do this through yahoo, although you can keep track of it on your league page. Good luck.


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