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  • monte monte Jul 20, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    1 Mgr Wanted for Dynasty Expansion Team

    3rd yr Dynasty league looking to expand from 8 to 10 teams. Unique format where each team is affiliated with an actual NHL team. Must have at least 8 players from your NHL affiliate on roster at all times. 23 player rosters with 15 keepers plus 5 player minor league. NHL teams currently taken are Boston, Philadelphia, Carolina, Washington, San Jose, Vancouver, Anaheim, St Louis, NY Islanders (expansion #1). If interested please reply for details on upcoming expansion draft, league rules, etc.

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    • Position has been filled.

    • I'd be interested

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      • Thanks for showing interest. What we are looking for is a manager to create an expansion team in our league. Last season we had an 8-team league with each team being made up of a 23-man Pro Roster (15 keepers each year), and a Rookie/Minor League Roster of 5 players (to qualify for Rookie status a player cannot have played in more than 25 regular season NHL games). The 23-man Pro Roster must contain at least 8 players from your NHL affiliate team - for instance, I manage the St Louis Blues and had 9 Blues players on my Pro Roster last season. As you can imagine with only 8 teams, all of the teams in our league were "stacked" with very good players. We are looking to add 2 new teams this year (we already have someone interested in the NY Islanders). Once we find another expansion team we will hold our expansion draft which will allow each of the 2 new expansion managers to populate their 8-man NHL affiliate players. Each of our current 8 managers will be allowed to protect 1 player currently on their Pro Roster from either of the new expansion franchises (assuming they have any players on the 2 new teams on their current rosters - for example, I do not have any NY Islander player on my team at this time, so I have no one to protect from the Islanders). In addition, each of the expansion teams would only be able to select 1 player from their NHL affiliate from each of the current 8 teams; meaning that a current 8 team would only stand to lose a maximum of 2 players from their current roster. The remainder of the NHL affiliate players will be selected from the current free agents available in our league. Once each expansion team has their 8 NHL affiliate players, we will hold our league-wide Rookie & Pro drafts to bring everyone up to the 23-man Pro, and 5-man Rookie rosters. I know I have rambled on with my response, but I wanted to give you an idea of what we are looking for in a manager and how our league operates. Let me know if you want more info.

    • I would be interested in joining. Is Toronto available? At what email address can I contact you at. Thanks


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