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  • Robert Robert Apr 13, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    Questionable Trade

    A couple days ago, the commish in my league traded Sidney Crosby for P.K. Subban. The playoffs are this week and the championship game is next week, and both owners knew that Crosby will most likely miss the rest of the season.
    The only trade review is the commish accepting and vetoing trades, so obviously he accepted the deal. I feel like this deal only went through cause he was the commish and he greatly improved his chances at winning the championship. Should this trade have gone through?

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    • It definitely shouldn't have gone through. Its obvious collusion and cheating.

      Unfortunately, its a private league, so Yahoo! won't get involved. You're only hope is to get everyone to #$%$ at him for how unfair it is, or simply quit the league.


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