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  • Dpern Dpern Apr 9, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    A late stat correction made me LOSE! Help!

    I lost 171.55 - 171.05.

    + / - is worth half a point in my league and today it shows that during week 22 Mike Richards, one of my players was awarded a + (0.5 points) on April 6th.

    It says that it won't be added until Sunday, April 14th, which makes NO sense because this was from an April 6th game. I don't know why it wasn't added to my matchup right away but it looks like it'll be added to this weeks matchup which is completely unfair.

    It should be 171.55-171.55 and since I beat him in the regular season I win the tie breaker.

    I emailed Yahoo and stuff but do you think they can make an exception for me and award me the win?

    I lost out of first round playoffs because of this and this is a VERY competitive league and I find this ridiculous that I still haven't been awarded the win.


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