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    .Knuckleball revival
    live draft tonight 10PM EAST COAST

    a designated team league
    16 teams 2 divisions head to head using stat categories
    TEAMS TAKEN SO FAR Nationals,Rays,Giants, Indians,Dodgers,Angels,Yankess,White Sox
    4sp 3rp positions 3of 1util 17 starters 8 bench 3dl
    1.a designated team league is one,where you become a major league team( one not yet chosen by another manager in the league) and name your team to reflect this
    2. choose your 2 favorite players from your designated team and draft 2 more in the draft
    3.. You keep 4 from your designated mlb team active on your roster all year.( dl not included as part of 4)
    3b. each year you will try to build as strong a designated team as you can along with 4 strong non designated keepers for the next season
    4.we run season...off season trades and pick ups will lead to keen choices on whom to keep as designated or non as the landscape changes with trades and free agent signings
    4a. The difference between designated team players and non is is i am the giants,i will be expected to carry a minimum of 4 active giants at all times( those 4 on my roster will be my designated team players) your non designated team players are all the rest of the players on your roster not from your designated team,from which you will keep 4 traditional keepers at the start of each new season
    5. Next pre season choosing designated players/ pre season trades
    5a. a number of ways to reach your 4 designated team players before we start next season--switch or add( depending on how many you have going into the season) 2 designated team players from your roster and the waiver wire/// pre season trading from the previous season's rosters(all players not on teams will go back into draft pool.) //// you can add them through draft so that you have 4 designated to start season
    6. You'll choose your designated and 4 nod designated keepers before the next draft
    7. This is not your conventional keeper league by any means ,more about team building
    only active managers please
    contact me asap to claim a spot you can find me here at eddino55


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