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    Dynasty League Looking for 2 Expansion GMs

    10 team Dynasty League is expanding to 12 teams. Looking for two GMs willing to build a team. Expansion draft will take place shortly after the season.

    League Rules:
    Goal : 1 pt
    Assist: 1 pt

    Win: 1 pt
    Start: 0.5 pt
    Regulation Loss: -0.5 pt
    Shutout: 0.5 pt
    Save: 0.05 pt
    Goal Against: -0.25 pt

    There will be no playoffs, whoever has the most points at the end of the regular season wins.

    Scoring will be kept by Yahoo.

    Team Rosters:
    Each team will consist of:
    12 Forwards
    6 Defensemen
    2 Goalies
    10 Bench Players
    2 IR

    You can switch players in and out, but there is a maximum of 82 games played per position. This is designed to make injuries less of a factor (but still a factor).

    Lineups can be changed on a weekly basis starting Sunday.

    Players dropped from your farm or active roster will be subject to waivers. Waiver priority will be subject to a rolling list (after a successful claim, a team goes to the back of the order).

    Bench players can be of any position.

    This is a dynasty league, so any player you have will be yours the next season as well.


    After the original prospect draft, there will a prospect draft every June/July after the NHL Entry Draft. They will be 4 rounds long. The prospect drafts, unlike the startup draft, will not be snake drafts. They will go 1-10 in every round. The first round's order will be determined by a draft lottery, described below.

    After a prospect has played 25 NHL regular season games, you must place them on your roster or bench. If a prospect is still on your prospect list after 25 NHL games, another team can claim them. At that point, you can make a place for them on your roster or bench within 5 days, or surrender the prospect to the claiming team. You can put a prospect onto your roster at any time, but you can’t put them back on your prospect list.

    There is no limit to the amount of prospects you can carry, but you can only pick up new prospects through the draft or by trades.

    You can drop one of your prospects and get an additional draft pick at the end of the next prospect draft. The order of the compensatory round will be based on how high the prospects who were dropped were originally drafted. If two dropped prospects were picked in the same position in different drafts, the player who was drafted in the earlier draft will get the higher compensatory pick.

    You can make trades with other teams involving players, prospects or draft picks. You can only trade draft picks from the upcoming two prospect drafts. The roster and bench limits must be in tact after a trade.

    If you trade for a player, you only get his points scored after the trade is made.

    There will be a trade deadline to be set at a later date (the options are set by Yahoo). Generally, it will be slightly before the NHL's trade deadline.

    Draft Lottery:

    At the end of every season there will be a draft lottery to determine the draft order for first round of the prospects draft.The draft order for rounds 2-4 will be simply the reverse order of the standings. All teams are eligible to win the #1 pick, but it will be heavily weighted to the last place teams. The lottery will be based the Powerball Lottery, so there is no suspicion of foul play. There will be three draws (the three weeks after the regular season ends) for the first three picks. That means that a team can drop as many as three spots. The order will be based on the season standings in reverse order. After each draw, the teams below the winner will move up one slot.

    The two expansion teams will have the 4th and 5th picks in the first round of the upcoming entry draft, and the 1st and 2nd picks in the remaining rounds.

    Please let me know if you're interested.

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