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  • Wookie Goldberg Wookie Goldberg Mar 25, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    NHL 13 New GM Connected League for XBOX 360.


    BLOCKS - The blocks will be measured in two weeks and will advance every Sunday at 12 midnight Pacific Time (Based on commisioner's time zone).

    MESSAGE FOR GAMES - Please message your opponents to setup games either on here or on the box. Let them know which days in the coming schedule you will be available and when not. It will make setting up games so much easier and avoid all the frustration.

    DISCONNECTION - If it becomes apparent that certain managers are abusing this rule to gain more time and get back into games/quitting in the last minutes of the third period because your losing. You will be kicked from the league. (This rule may change to become more strict depending on how the first weeks go in the season and if it tends to become a big problem).

    DNF% v CPU - You do not finish % is monitored. Able to do so through the league members tab in game. Anyone above 0% will be first warned, removed from the league and allowed to rejoin to set it back to 0%, then if I see it above 0 again you will be removed for good. As we know EA servers suck so it's possible to disconnect legit against the computer. You will not get unlimited of these. They do happen so let me know if so, if you don't you don't get to claim that's what it was later. If it becomes apparent that you are doing this way too often (more than once is too often for me) then you will be removed.

    ENABLE CPU - Done by going over one of your games in your current block and clicking A. Select ENABLE CPU and sim games vs my team. Nobody is allowed to play your CPU until the final hours of any block, this just allows a guy who has been waiting to play your CPU rather than have the game simmed and risk injury for you both as there is a much higher chance of injuries during sims. DNF% is monitored so you have no worry that they will cheat and quit until they get a win vs you. Also if anyone play your CPU before the last few hours of a block let me know and I will remove them. This is not going to be tolerated. There should be nothing but benefits to this change. Everyone's CPU's must be enabled, the only way to play someone's CPU is with permission from your opponent or the commisioner.

    TRADES - Trades can be made at any time although EA only allows them to actually go through with each time I move to a new block of schedule. You can only trade draft picks 2 years out so the coming years draft and next thats it. (If collusion is assumed and the commish and other managers believe two people or more are cheating, all managers responsible will be kicked out of the league).

    INACTIVITY - If a manager has been inactive (without reason) for 2 weeks they will be kicked from the league and a replacement manager will be found.

    CONNECTION - Playing with a lot of lag is very un-enjoyable. Unfortunately if the commisioner finds that your connection is not suitable to the league we will find a replacement manager to take over.

    Unfortunately manager positions have already been filled so some games from the first block have been played, but we will not be advancing forward until this Sunday. Also there have been no trades done with computers and FA's are still eligible for signing.
    The rosters will be the current NHL rosters (some updates haven't been put forward to NHL teams for example Tim Thomas is still on the Bruins etc.).

    Please look for the league name under GM connected which is ZAMBONIS ANONYMOUS.

    It is the only league with it's name. Choose your team you would like to be and send a request to the commisioner and he will approve you. After all teams have been filled we will make a forum where everything can be kept track of and managers can communicate to set up games.

    The Remaining teams are

    Vancouver Canucks
    Calgary Flames
    San Jose Sharks
    Anaheim Ducks
    Dallas Stars
    Minnesota Wild
    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Philadelphia Flyers
    Buffalo Sabres
    New Jersey Devils
    Washington Capitals
    Florida Panthers
    Carolina Hurricanes
    Columbus Blue Jackets
    Nashville Predators
    Colorado Avalanche
    New York Islanders

    Please post the team you would like and your gamer tag that way we know it's in fact you that has signed up. Teams will be filled on a first post first serve basis.


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