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  • Jason Jason Mar 15, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    The Yahoo "Can't Cut List"

    Can someone at Yahoo PLEASE update the Can't Cut List so that we can start dumping some underachieving players from our teams (i.e. Jordan Eberle, Marian Gaborik, Dan Boyle, etc.)? Thank you.

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    • I blame the owners in my league....I realized this was gonna suck at the beginning of the season, and made a poll to have me change it, they all screamed KEEP IT..cuz they thought I was trying to get one over on them.
      Now they're all begging me for it........I should propose another poll I guess! lmao

    • *BUMP*

      Boyle is now ranked 195 and Eberle 148 for the entire season, yet according to Yahoo they are simply too valuable to drop and get higher ranked players so I can try to make a playoff push in the final week. Man, that combined zero points and -2 rating in their last games sure came in handy.

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      League Name: Hot Corner
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    • Well researched on your part. Yahoo fantasy lords are so slow do make these adjustments J, never count on them. Sometimes it takes 4-5 days before they get around to putting a player on IR that has a broken foot or torn knee that is gone for the season.

      As for being burnt by a cheating commish , good on them if that is what they need to do.

      I've been in over 150 leagues over 7-8 years, mostly private with commishes I did not know. Once and only once did I get burnt so to speak. He sent me one email when I questioned a trade he forced through he replied saying "Up yours if you don't like it, I'm the commish, I make the rules".... I emailed entire league of this and what my reaction would be. That was to bench all my players and not play in league,,, final. Free fantasy is not worth any worries mate

      Send me your email, I'd be happy too invite you in to fair play leagues that I run and others I'm in,,,,,,,, hockey, baseball, NFL only. Always a spot or two available and always looking for new blood

      I am looking for 3 MLB managers in 8th year keeper league right now, draft is Sunday 445. Let me know

    • *bump* i am getting so sick and tired of not being able to cut jordan eberle, marian gaborik and dan boyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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