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  • David f David f Mar 22, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    The Yahoo "Can't Cut List"

    I would suggest you stop crying

    Rule number 1 is "There is no crying in hockey"

    No cut is set for year. If you read this before you wouldn't be whining. This is not a "no trade list",,,,,,,, hint hint

    Other option is play in leagues that do not use this setting,,,,,,,,,,,, next year

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    • Said the guy who isn't stuck with underperforming players he can't get rid of.

    • You couldn't be more wrong. The Can't Cut List is supposed to be updated periodically throughout the season to adjust for sharp changes in performance, injuries, etc. It is absolutely NOT set for the year at the start of the season. You can look it up yourself in the Help topics. It, in fact, has already been updated a few times, but not in a while because it's been neglected.

      The "crying" as you enjoy calling it is 100% justified.

      As for the advice to play in leagues that do not use the setting - there are no public leagues available without it in addition to private leagues being susceptible to abuse by commissioners because those leagues aren't patrolled by Yahoo. Unless you know the commissioner in a private league, you should never take a chance on being burned by one (learned my lesson the hard way when I joined a private league and the commissioner changed the playoff rules at the end of the season so he could make the playoffs and locked everyone else out of making moves and then won the league). More bad advice there.

    • Another option is that you don't draft players on "no cut"

      That would be smart