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  • Jason Jason Mar 20, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    The Yahoo "Can't Cut List"

    *bump* i am getting so sick and tired of not being able to cut jordan eberle, marian gaborik and dan boyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • the one that does not have under performing players,,,,,,,,,,,, seriously , do you think you are the only one?

      No can't be. It works this way in all Yahoo sports league and I'm just kidding you except for the part about "NO crying".

      You learned your lesson for the day/year. Don't get frustrated, it matters not.

      In the future just join custom leagues without this list

      Good luck, cheers

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      • It does NOT work this way in all Yahoo public leagues. The Can't Cut List is periodically adjusted in ALL leagues to account for underperforming players and injuries. The "frustration" is absolutely 100% justifiable. You are absolutely wrong on that one, sorry.

        And again, I will NOT join custom leagues without the can't cut setting unless I know the commissioner first because these leagues are not patrolled by Yahoo and very susceptible to abuse by unscrupulous commissioners. It happens all the time.

    • wow if you want to cut these guys and have better, you are in what a 5 team league?


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