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  • Dan Dan Mar 21, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Did I make a bad commish decision?

    There's nothing wrong with getting rid of an inactive manager, but yes, you made a bad decision. It was a terrible decision to not even contact the guy, unless you have a rule in place that if you don't set your lineup for a certain number of days, bla bla bla.

    You should give the guy his team back, and always at least try to contact the manager before just outright removing them.

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    • thanks for the replys, its all worked out in the end. ands its chalked up to a lesson in commishing

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      • Being the commish is a thankless job. You want to have a active group of managers to make the league better. I had a deadbeat manager in a 1 win baseball league last year. I sent him an email to ask him if he was still interested in managing his team for the rest of the year or if I should fine a replacement. Well instead of emailing me back directly he posted a message on the league board calling my all sorts of names for trying to keep the league competitive. Thankfully everyone basically told him where to go in their replies and he was replaced. Don't let one manager ruin the fun of running a league in the future.


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