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  • Jack Jack Mar 13, 2013 8:50 PM Flag

    Did I make a bad commish decision?

    I got a message from a player saying a team was inactive. I checked his team he had some dtd players on the roster and ir just sitting there. I assumed he had left since his team wasn't doing well so I have his team away and right away got an email from the manager asking why his team was given away? My bad for assuming and now i feel bad for giving his team away but should I give the team back or no? Thoughts?

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    • It is both good and bad

      Good is you are an active commish and took action for benefit of the league.

      Bad is you did not email owner with a deadline asking for a reply on his poor roster. Bad that you didn't try to help or coach him on how to manage his roster. Last but not least it was bad that you didn't do the above before re-assigning his team.

      I would give his team back to him without hesitation and maybe help him a bit.

      Also good is that you are using this forum and seeking help/guidance.

      This is only free fantasy hockey do no biggy, don'y sweat it.

    • There's nothing wrong with getting rid of an inactive manager, but yes, you made a bad decision. It was a terrible decision to not even contact the guy, unless you have a rule in place that if you don't set your lineup for a certain number of days, bla bla bla.

      You should give the guy his team back, and always at least try to contact the manager before just outright removing them.

    • Of course it was a bad decision. Shoulda asked him first before giving away the team.

    • tough call, you should have perhaps tried to contact the manager and give him a few days to a week to get back to you, and after that say too bad. But since you've already given the team away not too sure what to say... You shouldn't have assumed he left... I know this doesn't really help you tho

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      • It wasn't a bad decision at all.
        A manager who doesn't check in on the league and keep his roster up to date is the exact same as an inactive manager.
        If he really wants it so bad then yes, give it back but tell him to stay on top of things or it will most definitely happen again.
        Just because he shows interest of his team once it was taken away doesn't mean he had interest in the league before that happened


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