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  • Gratys Gratys Feb 14, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Karlsson to IR ???

    they aren't going to place him on IR until he is actually placed on IR by the senators, which hasn't happened yet. yeah, it sucks, but this is the senators we're talking about. did the same thing with heatley a few years ago. so please, stick to ESPN so we don't have to hear your uneducated whining.

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    • Oh my, my ... are you a PAID representative of Yahoo? If so, then you should write me and let me KNOW. If not, then you have ZERO ability to TELL ANYONE where they should be, what they should do OR what they should SAY, do YOU? Got it? Good.

      And FYI, when a player has UNDERGONE surgery he is clearly IR eligible which is why other sites designate him as SUCH. I've seen DOZENS of people make the same complaint as me regarding later IR designatioins HERE and if YOU don't like it that's just freaking TOUGH. Now, unless you are a Yahoo employee, keep your insults to yourself. If you are, feel free to write me ... I'll be waiting : )

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      • the way yahoo works is. Once a team, ottawa in this case puts a player on the IR, usually the next day yahoo has that player on the IR. thtas the way they work, like it or not,. If your not in a keeper then there would be no reason to hang onto him. but to hold onto him you are at the mercy of the sens.

      • if you knew about yahoo fantasy hockey you'd know how the IR procedure works here. no IR until they are actually placed on IR. and no, i don't work for yahoo. if i did, why would i tell you to go to ESPN? way to use your head on that one. just sick of seeing the same old thing from complainers like yourself. if ESPN is so much better, then go! and if you can't take being called a whiner, when you are in fact whining, then i really can't help you there. i'm not insulting you like a twelve year old.


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