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  • D D Feb 1, 2013 1:07 AM Flag


    Post the top 20-30 FA's and top 10 G FA's. It looks like you are heavy on the PIM's with 2 true meatheads. Has to someone that will give the PIM;s and put a few in the net as well.

    For a goalie throw a trade with Winnik, he is hot and being grabbed up, Same goes for Conacher but I think he is a keeper

    If Boedker keeps it he can be used for bait but for now Winnik is best option.

    Try a two for one for both Lindback and Pavelec. You are in crummy spot without a #1 and have no chance unless there is a serious injury.

    1/Offer Winnick for Linbak and Pav,,,, tell each offer is good for 48 hours.
    2/ If no luck send both Winnick and one of you goalies (same offer for both)
    3/ Winnick/Boedker/Goalie for Linback/W or Pav/W

    Labarbera might go on waivers this week so there is a need to look at other FA's tenders

    Post FA lists I mentioned and let's have a look


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