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  • Patrick Patrick Jan 31, 2013 3:01 AM Flag

    commissioner review ( trades automatically go through )

    I was under the impression that commissioner review for trades would have to be reviewed by commish before trade went through. I am the current commish and accepted an offer that was sent to me, it automatically went through right away, it didn't say trade pending between myself and the other player. The trade was just competed immediately. I's this correct?

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    • Well, if you are the commish and you accepted an offer then you did actually review it and accepted it so it sounds normal...if two other managers had tried to make a trade you would have to review and accept it but since you are the commish as you as you accept a trade offer it will go through...

      It would be kind of strange if you, as commish, accepted a trade offer and then had a message that the trade had to be then reviewed by the commish....

    • Had to be the way you made settings for your league. Also if you do not act and that is "disallow" trade it will go through regardless of settings.

      Settings can not be changed now that league is active

      You can however re-assign players back to original teams but there will be storm heading your way.

      Better way now that is done is explain to league what happened and ask them to vote via message board. Rule is 30% (round up if .5) say veto then it is done. Less than that and trade is good

      Unless completely bogus and absurd, let it go,,, only free fantasy hocky

      What was the trade? I'll give opinion if you want


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