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  • Caddy Caddy Jan 22, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

    Is it possible to edit league points assigned to a category?

    I made a big mistake and have negative points for goals against and goalie losses. There is a lot of complaining in my league and I would like to change the negatives to 0's. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    • Nothing can be done post draft, nothing. Yahoo will do nothing either in private leagues unless there is abuse. You are wasting your time emailing them

      All are playing same stats and will even out at end of season. There are plenty of leagues that play this way. It may not be what you want but not a mistake

      So suggest you mention to the girls crying that there isn't any crying in hockey and settings were there for them to read before joining league and you will adjust this next year if leagues votes this way.

      MAKE NO APOLOGIZE for them not reading and knowing league settings and rules,,, even if you yourself wish it were different. If you do they will be on you for everything

    • I don't think so, not after the league has already started. I'm....not even sure why they would complain about that lol How did you get that as a stat? Didn't show up in my points league.

      Anyway, your best bet is to email Yahoo if it's locked. They might not do anything though.

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      • But shouldn't losses and goals against be bad so it makes sense to have negative points in those categories...that's what we do in our points league...a win gives you 3 points and a loss loses you 1 point.

        Having negative points is a good insentive for managers to be careful who they play...tell the guys to stop whining!


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