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  • David f David f Jan 22, 2013 3:23 AM Flag

    Regarding Trades between 2 franchise owners

    There are two options in custom private leagues and none in public leagues

    I do not know of any sites that would help free or otherwise. There is an abundance of hockey boards like this one in seeking advice/input.

    Option 1/ League votes,,,,, 1/3 of league to veto and it is rounded up if at a fraction or .5 of a vote

    Option 2/ managers send email to commish if they object and commish decides to over turn trade or accept. These options are under Commish tools,,,,trades reviewed by...

    If you are commish use option 2. There has to be some sort of objection from several players for commish to intervene.

    Remember it is a keeper league and trades may not look good but you may not know the managers motives,, ie next year ( see Oliers/Leafs)

    If in doubt spell it out here on this board, you are sure to get input.