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  • The Dude The Dude Jan 20, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    Consequences of a No Maximum Games Player Roto?

    Depends on how often you allow line-up changes. If you do daily changes with no limit, you've wrecked your league as the way to win it will be to simply field a full team every single night (streaming). If you have weekly line-up changes, it won't matter quite as much. I played roto for 10 years and that max game played thing doesn't cap you as much as you think, especially if you have weekly roster changes. I highly recommend keeping it

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    • It will become a competition for who can get the most games played, instead of who has the best players. Players that can play multiple positions will become very valuable, because they will give you the flexibility to keep your lineup full every night. I would also recommend keeping it.

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      • One of the great things about max games played though is that it forces all managers to be active. They need to be on the ball, setting their lineups every day. It's only really effective if there's a fairly deep bench. It also requires a good draft from start to finish, since you're subbing out players from the bench on a regular basis. Any monkey can pick good players in a live draft in a shallow league, but if the league is a bit deeper and there are no max games played, you need to be clever through to your final pick. "No max" leagues have their disadvantages (i.e.: if someone grabs four starting goalies, he's a lock for wins and saves), but I generally prefer them a bit, since they keep you on your toes.


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