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  • LUKE LUKE Oct 10, 2012 9:25 PM Flag

    Does Yahoo not allow you to post your e-mail?

    I've been trying to join pools for the last two days, but when I reply to peoples threads and post my e-mail. It always says "null" its extremely frustrating when leagues need to be full and there are guys out here who want to to join peoples leagues.

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    • If you boys want to know how to post ? contact me hckyfan at ymail and use both google chrome & internet explorer. Oh by the way if you want join my leagues, I can help you out there also.

    • I have the same problem for some time now. Actually I replied to your post couple days ago and it never showed up. Later on I find out I can replay but only without of my e-mail address. I also realized I have much more problems with Yahoo using Google Chrome compare to Internet Explorer. Hope it help

    • yahoo used to have fantastic message boards for recruiting within yahoo and them some. Now they have become totally strict to the point that you have to concoct all kinds of ways to post your e mail just to get your message through as far as finding people for your leagues. It's made things very difficult and I think is very detrimental to playing their games as there was a lot more action on the boards before this all started and that action was promoting their games, which everyone liked the best to begin with in a big way.. Doesn't make much sense in the way they do it now. I used to get loads of responses to my league recruiting on their boards and now the response is very weak in comparison and I know it is because of their new standards, which are actually going to harm their games and open the door for other sites to eclipse them down the line. They need to get back to the way they were before or at least somewhat closer as far as contact guidelines go at the very least.

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