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  • Martin Martin Oct 3, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

    Lockout/Draft question

    I'm new to all this & wondering what is the deal with the Lockout?
    Do I do a draft regardless or is the Fantasy Game locked out as well? What happens if Players are injured in Europe & I have them in my team? Too bad, or can I sub them out before the season gets round to starting?

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    • If the league you're in is scheduled to draft, then the draft can indeed go ahead. No stats are tabulated though, of course, since there will be no games until the lockout ends. As for players getting injured in Europe, that's always the big risk with drafting early. You're pretty much hooped if you draft a guy that gets a long-term injury over in Europe, though in reality, the same would happen if you lost a guy to injury in the NHL. You'll still be able to add that player to your IR bench and pick up a sub in the interim, though again...not much point until meaningful NHL games are being played.


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