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  • Molda222 Molda222 Sep 30, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    How to make a keeper league on yahoo?

    Thanks, and does yahoo fantasy has some sort of keeper features and settings? Anything? Or the whole season and everything you do in it is completely same as normal one year seasons? I mean can you somehow lock the players and teams for example? Or do you have to do everything manually next season. Invite everyone again, draft the last years keepers and then continue with draftin the new rookies? Or can you somehow transfer the players from last season to the new season and just have rookie draft? etc etc. Thanks a lot

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    • Yes there is a whole bunch of keeper settings. Teams can select their own keepers and all you have to do is approve them. However I really prefer teams to post their keepers on the message board so I can view them and appove them. I like to manually input the keepers into the draft applet under commissioners tools. I prefer the manual control then relying on the system.

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      • So there is a way to "tell" the system that players XXX are keepers, so they are not included in the draft?OK thats good.
        And do you let your managers to tell you the keepers at the end of the season? or you want to know it at the start of the season?
        I would also like to somehow include small farm team in my league, do you have any tips for it?How big to make it etc. Because i think it would be fun. Of course it would need manual overseeing on message board and i would have to watch it etc, but i think it could be fun.


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