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    New 4 sport dynasty league recruiting

    The Ultimate Sports Fan League is a different concept from that of normal keeper/dynasty that you may know. Basically what we are is a community of owners who are with each other in all the 4 major Fantasy Sports Leagues. We all will be making a Fantasy Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball team. So if you cant make 100% effort in either league please don’t join. You don’t have to be an expert in either sport but you have to have the will to want to learn.

    Another challenge in the league is everyone will choose a city and then you will have to keep a predetermined amount of those teams players in all the leagues. The number for football will be 6. You will be allowed to claim 3 players pre-draft from your hometown city.

    We are a Dynasty League, meaning you will keep ALL your players in each league after the initial draft. We will have rookie drafts in all leagues and a farm system in baseball and hockey. Basketball and football teams have no need for one.

    Example, I am Atlanta so I have to have 6 players from the Falcons, and than a certain amount from the Hawks in basketball, Braves in baseball, and I am taking the Jets in hockey (since they moved from ATL). Amount for the other leagues haven’t been determined yet as I haven’t hashed out the roster slots and scoring format yet.

    Please contact me if interested chisox214/yahoo

    First come first serve for hometown cities.

    Cities claimed:

    New York

    Football draft will be this Friday at 6 pm Pacific time. We will have 12 teams and 3 divisions. There will be defensive players and no team defense. Defensive scoring is on par with good WR/RB talent for top defenders.

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