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    A deal that is tearing my league apart

    Team A trades:

    Crosby, Gaustad and Khabilbhulin (Sp?)

    Team B trades:

    2 1st rnd picks (which became Tarasenko and Grigorenko) and Jacob Markstrom

    We are a keeper league with 20 teams. This year we keep 12 and re draft the rest.

    I have people threatening to leave the league should the deal go through.

    The Gm's in question said the deal was agreed to before the draft and that to veto the trade would ruin both their teams as the drafted assuming the trade would go through.

    Thoughts on how to handle the situation?

    The league is currently torn however there are many GM's who havent chimed in on the trade yet as it happened less than 3 hours ago.

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    • What if what if what if. This is why GM's shouldn't be dictating what other teams get to do trying to determine what is fair and unfair and future predictions. Let them have it. Both teams want it. This is how it works IRL. The only time this system breaks down is when both teams aren't trying to win anymore.

    • Leave it be. What if the team getting the prospects is trying to rebuild? Crosby is great but he's really one big hit away from being toast, so why not capitalize on a chance to move him for top end prospects?

    • I guess I can understand the rationale of the manager who is willing to trade Crosby for picks...but the reality is that Crosby is one of the four or five guys who can single-handedly make or break a team. Tarasenko and Grigorenko are probably going to be great players, but they're completely unproven at the NHL level. If this was a hard core dynasty league, then perhaps it would be passable, but as it stands, this trade SHOULD be vetoed...and I'm usually dead set against vetoing.

      Here's a thought: perhaps you can institute a rule that states that for a major trade, if a player on Yahoo's can't cut list is involved, another player on the can't cut list needs to go back the other way. You might be able to find creative solutions around this situation. Good luck though -- sounds like quite the dilemma.

    • All help is greatly appreciated!


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