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  • Darcy Darcy Sep 16, 2012 8:57 PM Flag

    What's Yahoo's plan re: drafts if the lockout drags on?

    Just checking to see if anyone knows how Yahoo's going to handle any sort of extended NHL lockout. Not many managers in my league are thrilled with the idea of potentially having to draft before we even know if/when the season will start.

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    • I have a lot openings for keeper leagues. I just do not see any action on the messages boards, mock drafts or responses from emails sent. Sent 30 emails with no responses couple of nights ago.
      It would be best for all to get ready and be prepared now should the lockout end in the near future. Here is what Yahoo says about the lockout:
      This article explains how Yahoo! Sports will handle Fantasy Hockey leagues with the current NHL lockout.

      Yahoo! Sports is closely monitoring the NHL lockout. For now, however, we will continue with allowing managers to create, join and draft leagues. If you will, business as usual.
      Should the NHL lockout end:
      We will adjust the game depending on what happens with the lockout and if the NHL's regular-season schedule is affected.
      Ramp up the number of draft times in the weeks before the scheduled season start.
      Adjust leagues that use the max games played setting, based on the amount of games that are available.

    • I have no idea what yahoo plans to do & I haven't heard anything either... I am having a hard time getting my leagues filled up as well, it's hard to get excited about a season in yahoo when we might not even have a season maybe half a season if we are lucky.. my guess is half a season but I have my doubts about that...


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