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  • Wookie Goldberg Wookie Goldberg Mar 30, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    Who Whould You Keep?

    With a heavy emphasis on goal i would personally keep both Crawford and Smith. You don't know who will be available at the draft next year and if there is someone better you can always grab them and then trade Crawford or Smith to someone really hurting for a goalie and make them overpay since goaltending will be a hard commodity to come across.

    My other three would be Backes, Kane and one of Hossa or Ryan. Probably Ryan though since Hossa is getting up there in age and it's also a miracle he wasn't injured for a considerable amount of time. Also Ryan should be better next year.

    Backes and Kane are very good in formats where you have PIM and HITS. Along with contributing to points it's hard to find players that do it in all categories. Especially since you already have your offensive type players they will be very good support for your team if you have those as stats in your pool.

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