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  • Steve J Steve J Mar 28, 2012 12:33 AM Flag


    In a 16 team H2H league. I'm still in the semis right now but looking forward to next year, we get to keep 8 players and I'm not sure who to keep. I have 5 players I know that I will keep

    H Sedin
    E Staal

    Now for the last 3 spots, these are the 5 players I've been considering:

    M Richards
    St. Louis

    What do you guys think? Really struggling with this one

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    • Well I do have the 5th overall pick in the draft next year (trade) along with my own 1st round pick and my early second round pick. I figured I could address my D there with my forwards and goalies being pretty much set

    • I don't think you have much choice but to keep shatenkirk. otherwise you go into your next season stacked up front with absolutely no d before your draft. chances are the letangs and charas will be keepers, so your d picks could be slim.
      Then st louis lupul

    • oh thats an easy one. Lupul, St. Louis, Pominville. Joffery is a must-keep. He had an outstanding year and I am willing to bet he continues it into next year. (Granted he stays healthy)

    • Considering you're already keeping Stamkos and Sedin I'm not so sure you need that third center... At that point I'd look at St Louis (who is aging, i know) but he can still put up some major stats and even Lupul, who seems to be the Leaf's go-to forward for just about everything... then you'd have a nice balance of 2C, 1RW, and 1LW/RW(depending on what lupul is next year)... heck even mike richards may be worth a look if he gets C/LW eligibility back, him and Jeff carter should put up some points together :)


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