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  • P-O P-O Mar 26, 2012 2:13 AM Flag

    Yahoo is ruining this game with the dumbest rule changes!!!!!!!!!!


    Part of good managing is the knowledge of the rules... last season it was the same thing... you can also bash about stats corrections... lol

    Hope you guyz had a crazy 1st playoff week as ours... (2 ties, 1 : 5-4 and the other one 7-4)

    What do you guyz do with FA after trade deadline? in our league we prohibit them since you could try to pick some players only to beat someone in playoffs and the team could change significantly. On the other hand, i think we have to be as close as possible to the NHL rules, in which we can add FA (what about NHL FA during playoffs... no idea). What do you guyz do? thanks!

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    • You can't run with out FA during the playoffs, that would just be crazy. Do you have a weekly add limit? Ours is 3 for the week all season, so you can just keep that running through the playoffs.

      If i couldn't pick up FA during playoffs I would have lost because two of my four goalies got injured right at the start of the playoffs.


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